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Think,pair,share p52

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    Theme 1: Ethics in business
    Think,pair,share p52
    What would you do to fight fraud and corruption if you were elected head of state (mayor) ?
    Corruption is an evil that must be fought now.
    If I were elected a head of state, I would fight both fraud and corruption since they are seen as negative acts and behaviours. First, i would pass stringent laws to fight the unethical practices as money laundering, smuggling and embezzlement. Second, I had better appoint civil servant whose attention i.e stealing money or accepting a bribe is immoral and illegal. In addition to this I would fight tax evasion and capital fights so as business know that there is authority and law. I would also rehabilitate the value of work to show to anyone that work is sacred and has to be accomplished seriously and ethically.

    All in all, if these measures are followed people will live in a free anti-corruption society.

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