voici un compo d'anglais du 2ème trimestre
tonight, nadir is staying at home because he wants to write a letter to his frie
tomorrow morning , he will have maths and english as usual at college , but he will be free in the afternoon , so he is going to help his father , they are going to repair the roof of their old garage ;in the evening , he will go out with his friends

) true or false
nadir has a pen friend
he is not going to help his father
in the evening , nadir will receive his friends

why is nadir staying at home
what will he have , tomorrow
will he go out , in the evening

) find in the text the oposite of : new , in

)find in the text the meaning of : the next day, mend

tomorrow nadir will send a letter to his friend james
) put the verbs in the correct form:*
next vacation, nadir and his familly(to go ) to london , they (to visit) places