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... we use comparatives to compare two things or two people ... etc
there are some rules to form the comparatives !

For the one syllable adj : ending in silent *e* like : NICE

Nice -----> nicer

One syllable adj ending

in one vowel and one conso --- > like big
the consonant is doubled and *er * is added

look : big --- > big

One syllable adj is ending in more than one consonant or vowel
like cheap ... high

cheap --- > cheaper
high ----> higher

a two syllable adj is ending by y like happy becomes happier
we change y into i and we add er

Tow or more syllable adj , comparatives adj without y at the end
more + adj + than

like exciting ..
more exciting than


there's some irregular adj

bad -----> worse
good ---> better
many ----> more
also much ----> more
little ---> less

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