Grammar Lesson:
As long as / provided (that) / providing (that)

As long as or so long as (وظيفة هذه الكلمات هي الشرط)
Provided (that) or providing (that) / All these expressions mean ‘if’ or ‘on condition that’.
For example:
· You can use my car as long as/so long as you drive carefully.
(= you can use my car but you must drive carefully - this is a condition)
· Traveling by car is convenient provided (that)/providing (that) you have somewhere to park. (but only if you have somewhere to park)
· Providing (that)/ provided (that) she studies hard, she'll pass her exams. (= she must study hard – if she does this, she will pass)
When you are talking about the future, do not use will after as long as / provided / providing. Use a present tense.
عند الحديث عن المستقبل لا نستعمل (will) بل نستعمل المضارع البسيط

· Providing she studies hard, she will pass the exam. (not ‘providing she will study’)

provided (that) L providing (that)