with my ideas , with my mind

Inside of me

i live an other world , my world
it captures me but it attractes me
because it will never be
smiles and tears Inside of me
white blood Inside of me
a war Inside of me

cages but noone can see
i can't change , so i just see
i'm not free , but my mind can't be
my world is all free
my mind flies with me

they'r strange or she's me ? !!
my world isn't their world
my ideas , my wishes ,and my dreams
they all have no ages
big , opposite , ......... oh there'r wages

they move , they speak to me
they cry , we can't be
your world is our world
your world isn't their world

many questions , questions without words
just smiles and tears
black , white and nothing heard
no answers , i find no answers
so i'm obliged to wait
i wrote my word
days'll answer
the war will end

a war inside of me